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Jo & Mark - Founders of LCA

Welcome to LCA! 

We are Jo and Mark, husband and wife team who live in Los Angeles with our two kids and our new puppy.  We combined our passions of food, health and photography and turned it into a successful website with hundreds of thousands of visitors every month with the largest collection of easy & healthy inspired Asian recipes on the web!

Our blog focuses on sharing Asian inspired recipes to those who love food but want to live a balanced and healthier low carb lifestyle!

Our goal is to show you that you can still enjoy your favorite Asian foods without all the rice and noodles!

Our work has been featured in various publications including the following:

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Our mission is to inspire people to improve their health by living a low carb lifestyle while still enjoying foods they love. We want to show people that living a low carb lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor for health!

So welcome to our healthy and low carb recipe journey.  We are excited to share our recipes with you all!

Hi – I’m Jo!

Picture of Jo, a founder of LowCarbingAsian

To me, being low carb and eating healthier is not a diet or a fad. It is a lifestyle that me and my family have adopted.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I found out I had gestational diabetes and my whole world changed.

Suddenly, all my favorite Asian dishes that included rice and noodles were forbidden and for the health of my unborn baby, I had to completely change the way I ate. For a foodie like myself, that was really challenging.

After a week of sulking, I began to research different low carb recipes and I have to say, I am so lucky that my husband, Mark and I share a love of cooking because together, we began adopting a low carb lifestyle that helped me get through my pregnancy without a hitch.

Thankfully, after my daughter was born, my sugar levels returned to normal, however, I was told that having gestational diabetes meant I was more susceptible to developing diabetes in the future so I am on this journey to beat the odds.

Through extensive research and speaking to different physicians and experts, I believe that adopting a low carb lifestyle is the key to preventing diabetes and overall just being a healthier individual for my family as well as myself.

Hi – I’m Mark!

Picture of Mark, a founder of LowCarbingAsian

My journey to adopt a healthier low carb lifestyle and LowCarbingAsian developed very organically.

As my wife mentioned, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with our first daughter, so I started researching and learning how to adjust my cooking to become more ‘healthier and low carb’.

Through my research, I realized the many health benefits of a low carb lifestyle and gradually transitioned over to going fully low carb.

After the birth of our healthy daughter, a couple of years went by and life threw a curveball at me, resulting in the departure of my 12 year career.

During that time, I spent a lot of time self-reflecting and realizing that I really wanted to focus my career on my passions which are food and photography.

Since we had already been living a low carb lifestyle for many years developing recipes that we make on a daily basis, we decided to start a website and see where the journey would take us.

What surprised us was the overwhelming positive responses from like minded individuals that were so happy to find healthy low carb Asian recipes!

This is when we realized there was a real demand for this niche and so LCA was born.

I feel beyond lucky I get to combine my true passions of creating recipes and food experiences along with photography into a profession that feeds my creative soul.

Feel free to reach out to us here or on Instagram if you have any questions, want to collaborate or just to say hello!!

Thank you so much for visiting and we hope you will be able to join us on this journey here at LCA!!

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