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A collection of healthy and easy to make breakfast recipes. Everything from pancakes and waffles, to omelets and bagels this list has it all!

Japanese omelette fried rice severed on a white plate topped with ketchup sauce.

Japanese Omurice

Japanese Omurice, a beloved traditional breakfast dish in Japan, is a delightful combination of savory and sweet flavors. This hearty […]

Japanese breakfast that consists of baked salmon, miso soup, eggs and Japanese style sausage served on a wooden serving board.

Japanese Breakfast

Experience the rich and wholesome flavors of a traditional Japanese breakfast with our Japanese Breakfast recipe. This meal comprises grilled […]

Japanese steamed eggs being scooped up with a wooden spoon, top down angle.

Japanese Steamed Eggs

Japanese steamed egg chawanmushi is a savory dish that translates to chawan-mushi, “steamed bowl” in Japanese, signifying its preparation method. […]

Homemade peach sauce in a glass jar with a wooden spoon.

Peach Sauce

Peach sauce is a versatile condiment that captures the delicious flavor of peaches in a variety of dishes. With its […]

Japanese pancakes served on a plate with friendly choczero maple syrup being drizzled on top.

Japanese Pancakes

Japanese pancakes, or Japanese hot cakes, are renowned for their thick, fluffy, and slightly sweet texture, resembling that of a […]