A collection of healthy low carb seafood recipes.  Everything from baked salmon and garlic shrimp to poke and lobster rolls is what you’ll find!

Tom yum soup served in a white bowl with a serving spoon.

Tom Yum Soup

A family favorite, and one of Thailand’s most popular dishes, Tom Yum Soup is full of spicy, sour, and savory […]

A healthy low carb version of lobster risotto served in a bowl topped with fresh parsley being scooped up with a spoon.

Lobster Risotto

Rich and creamy lobster risotto made with cauliflower rice and succulent langoustino tails. Healthy, gluten-free, low carb and absolutely mouthwatering […]

Crab rangoon served on white plate showing cross sectional cut served with Chinese sour dipping sauce.

Crab Rangoon

Healthy soy paper crab rangoon is going to be your new favorite appetizer!  A simple cream cheese and crab mixture […]