How to Make Easy Peel Boiled Eggs

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If you’ve ever wondered if there’s an easier way to peel eggs, here you go!  These are the simple steps we use to make easy peel boiled eggs in our kitchen!  You can cook them from soft, medium, to hard boiled and this technique will work for all of them!

Just note that the softer the eggs are, the more fragile and harder it’ll be to peel the shell off.


1) Add eggs in a stove top pot and enough water to fully submerge eggs.  Cover, place on high heat and bring water to boil

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2) Once water is boiling, use the chart below to cook eggs to your liking.  Note – the softer the eggs, the harder/more fragile the shell will be to peel.

Egg Chart Pic3) Once eggs are cooked to your liking, remove stove top pot from heat and let eggs sit for 1 minute.

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4) Meanwhile, prepare a mixing bowl filled with cold water.  Once 1 minute has passed, transfer eggs to mixing bowl and let it sit for 1-2 minute(s).  Note – you can optional add some ice into the water to make it very cold, which will make it even easier to peel off the eggs but not necessary.

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5) Take an egg and gently hit both top and bottom of the egg on a hard surface to create a crack in the shell.  Using the palm of your hands, gently roll and the egg on a hard surface to create cracks all the way around the shell.  Peel the eggs and the shell should come off in 1-2 large pieces.  Note – if you’re using fresher/softer eggs with a thicker outer membrane, you’ll have to get underneath the membrane prior to peeling off, otherwise the outer membrane will peel off portions of the egg whites.

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All done, hope your enjoy your easy peel boiled eggs!

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