Coco Ichibanya Curry

Like most, we enjoy eating out. However, going to an Asian/Japanese restaurant while carb counting can be challenging, as one of the staple foods is white rice (which by the way has a ridiculous amount of carbs!).  So we just wanted to show you an example of how we low carb curry, which normally is served with rice or spaghetti. 

For this dish, we just requested the grilled chicken salad with sesame seed dressing & curry on the side.  Since both sesame seed dressing and curry does contain some carbs, having these on the side allows you to self-regulate your carb intake while still being able to enjoy restaurant curry! 

So don’t let low carb/keto stop you from enjoying your favorite restaurants, there is always a way to make something low carb friendly!  If you are interested in making a low carb curry dish at home, check out our Low Carb Japanese Curry with Cauli Rice!

*On a side note, the carrot and corn were donated to our kids.

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