LCA’s 6 Steps on How to Start a Website

LCA's 6 Steps on How to Start a Website - Have you ever had the interest to start a website but felt overwhelmed with all the information and didn't know where to start? If so, here is simple 6-step guide that will guide you through the process and share the tips we have found along the way!

Introduction on How to Start a Website

Hey everyone and welcome to LCA’s 6 Step Process on How to Start a Website!  When we started this website almost a year ago, we researched, we researched a lot! We read countless step-by-steps and experiences from others which really helped us understand what we were getting ourselves into. 

After feeling pretty confident on what to expect, we dove right in and what an adventure it has been!  It’s been fun, stressful, full of surprises and a lot of work, but most of all, we’ve enjoyed every second of it!

Now looking back, we thought were prepared after doing all the research but what we realized is that everyone’s journey is different, and the more experiences you read about, the better prepared you will be! 

So with that in mind, we created our 6 Step Process highlighting our journey in hopes that it’ll benefit you for the obstacles that may lie ahead, all the while avoiding the pitfalls we faced! 

Before we start though, we will say that creating and maintaining a website is a lot of work and takes patience, but ANYONE can do it with the right resources and dedication!  If you truly believe in your content, growth in both traffic and income will follow with commitment and perseverance!  Don’t give up and keep at it!

So without further ado, below are the links to 6 steps to How to Start a Website.  Feel free to jump the step that applies to you or Step 1 if you’re just starting out!

How to Start a Website - Step 1 Picking Subject How to Start a Website - Step 2 Domain and Hosting How to Start a Website - Step 3 Website Optimization

How to Start a Website - Step 4 Post Write Ups How to Start a Website - Step 5 Website Photography How to Start a Website - Step 6 Managing your Expectation

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