Step 1 Picking a Website Subject and Website Builder

Picking a Website Subject and Website Builder - In step 1, we will discuss various topics as such how to pick a competitive topic for your website, as well as choosing a website builder and theme to work with.

Picking a Website Subject

As obvious as this may sound, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make so be sure to put some thought into it!

You obviously would like to start with a general subject that you feel confident and knowledgeable in.  Whether this is food creation, traveling, gardening, or financing, there’s really a market for everything.  Some markets are higher in demand than others, but the size of the markets shouldn’t really dictate what your website will focus on.  Instead, play to your strengths and pick a subject you feel confident in. 

Picking a website subject is really important, so don’t take this decision on lightly!

Picking a Website Niche

After picking a website subject, it’s time to focus on a niche or a subcategory.  This is a case where you really want to focus on one subject and own it.  Why?  The simple reason is competition. 

For example, take the subject of photography.  There are so many photography websites out there, you’re going to have to compete against all of those websites for traffic (traffic = income). 

However, if you focus on a niche within photography, say ‘wedding photography’, you already differentiated your website from the majority of the other photography websites and reduced your competition dramatically.  So master one niche and dominate it! 

You could even pick a niche within a niche, like ‘destination wedding photography’, but just make sure that the market isn’t too small if you decide to go this route.  Do some research and make sure the market can support the kind of traffic you are targeting.


At this point, a good next step would be to set up an email account dedicated to your website only.  Everything you do from here on out will be communicated and recorded via email, so it’s best to keep your personal and website emails separate. 

It’s really is up to you on who you sign up with, but we recommend doing it through Google’s Gmail since you’ll be using a lot of Google products (Search Console, Analytics, Youtube, etc) and you’d only have to log-in once to access all these products.

Picking a Website Builder

Once you have your subject matter and website email set, the next step would be to figure out how you are you going to build and design your website. 

For building a website, there are 2 basic approaches, 1) hire a professional to do it for you and 2) use a website building program to help build your website. 

If you go with 1), they will handle everything for you, so you probably can skip over to Step 4. 

However, we would really recommend opting for 2) and building it yourself.  Some of these website building programs are super-user friendly, much more affordable, and you won’t have to call your website designer every time something goes wrong, which will be often!  

Here is a link detailing some of the most popular website builders as of 2019.  Each has their positives so choose the program that fits your goals and what are you trying to accomplish.

Website Builders 4
Options of Website Builders

Regardless of what program you end up using, the next step would probably be choosing the theme or the design/layout of the website.  There are literally 100s of pre-made themes you can choose from and a lot of them are created with a certain subject in mind. 

For example, the way a visitor would go through a food recipe website would be different than a photography website, and these subject-based themes are designed with that in mind. 

There are free ones that are great, but if you are serious about this, paid ones are probably the way to go.  These paid themes are consistently updated to keep up with the most recent technology trends and are also professionally coded to attain optimal website speed, and trust us, speed matters when it comes to websites!  It is a huge factor in Google rankings, as well as user experience and well worth the extra investment! 

It’s worth noting that it’s possible to change your website theme at a later date if you have a change of heart but it’s best to get it right the 1st time so you don’t have to deal with updating it later.

Theme Examples
Various Themes

Once you decided on your subject, website program and theme, you’ll be ready to go to Step 2 – domain and hosting!

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