Bunless Big Mac

We really try to avoid eating at McDonald’s as much as we can, but as parents, sometimes it is just unavoidable. I will admit the food is good, especially the fries. Back in my college days, I would eat 4at McDonalds at least 4 times a week. 

However, now as someone trying to control carb intake, ordering there could be challenging. So when we discovered that we could actually order a Bunless Big Mac w/ Extra Shredded  Lettuce, it became our go-to order there.

If you just break the ingredients down, it is lettuce, sauce, pickles, onions and beef (I think it is beef…? ).  So technically, it does check off all the components of a low-carb/keto meal. 

Given, the meal does net 7g of carbs (compared to 46g with buns), I would consider it low carb and not really keto.  If you are looking for something keto, I would say the Bunless Grilled Chicken Sandwich would be a better choice at net 2g.

So next time you might have to eat at McDonald’s, make the best of it and consider the Bunless options!   Here you can find more info on the nutrition facts for the Mcdonald’s menu.

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