Stir Fry Bean Sprouts

Introducing my Stir Fry Bean Sprouts recipe, a quick, delightful veggie side dish that’s perfect with your favorite Asian meals! Tender bean sprouts, sizzling with savory garlic, get a finishing touch of toasted sesame oil and sliced green onions. Elevate your dining with this simple, flavorful addition. Discover how in minutes!

Japanese style stir fried moyashi bean sprouts topped with green onions being picked up with a pair of chopsticks.

Why I Love This Recipe

If you’re a fan of quick and delicious Asian-inspired side dishes, you’re in for a mouthwatering treat with my Stir Fry Bean Sprouts dish! I’ve made sure it’s all about simplicity and flavor, featuring bean sprouts or moyashi in Japanese, as the star ingredient! What truly gets me excited is how effortlessly it comes together in just 6 minutes with minimal prep!

The garlicky, lightly salty taste combined with the rich flavors of toasted sesame oil makes it a delightful addition to your meal. Bean sprouts are added to a wok, cooked on high heat, seasoned with garlic and seasoning, and then coated with toasted sesame oil before being served, a proven method just like in my Garlic Kale Stir Fry and Baby Bok Choy Stir Fry recipes!

This recipe is an absolute gem for anyone looking to effortlessly elevate their veggie game. Don’t wait any longer,  let’s dive right in and savor this tasty vegetable side dish!



  • Bean Sprouts – thoroughly washed. Bean sprouts, also known as moyahi, can be found in most Asian grocery stores.
  • Garlic– freshly grated garlic.
  • Green Onion – finely chopped green onion scallions.
  • Neutral Oil no taste or flavor with high cooking temperature. Some choices are sunflower oil, peanut oil, sallower oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil. 
  • Toasted Sesame Oil – 100% Toasted Sesame Oil that should have a dark brown color.  
  • Salt – sea salt preferred.
  • Black Pepper – ground.
  • Toasted Sesame Seeds – optional garnish.

Japanese style stir fried moyashi bean sprouts topped with green onions, top down shot.

Essential Kitchen Equipment

  • Wok or Deep Large Skillet


☑ Before Getting Started

For best results, go with a roomy Wok or Deep Skillet to ensure all ingredients have sufficient space to cook effectively.

Step 1 In a wok or large deep skillet, heat oil over high heat. Add washed bean sprouts, grated garlic, salt, black pepper, and toasted sesame seeds. Stir-fry on high for 2-4 minutes until the bean sprouts reach your desired tenderness.

Bean sprouts in a skillet.

🧂 Restaurant Flavoring Pro Tip

If you want that restaurant-style flavor, consider adding a light sprinkle of MSG to enhance the flavor.

🍳 Cooking Pro Tip

The ideal tenderness of bean sprouts is a matter of personal preference, so make sure to taste them while cooking to reach your desired level of tenderness.

Step 2 Drizzle with toasted sesame oil, top with sliced green onions, and serve.

Bean sprout stir fry served in a bowl.

Pairing Recommendations

This Stir Fry Bean Sprouts dish is a versatile side that pairs excellently with various Asian-style protein dishes like Chicken Sesame Oil Stir Fry, Black Pepper Chicken, or Kung Pao Chicken. It complements their flavors perfectly. For a complete meal, consider serving it with a warm bowl of Egg Drop Soup.

Japanese style stir fried moyashi bean sprouts topped with green onions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this recipe suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, it's vegetarian-friendly.

Can I make this dish in advance and reheat it?

While it's best served fresh, you can reheat it in a pan with a little oil over medium heat.

What's the best type of oil to use for stir-frying?

Use neutral high smoke point oils like canola, vegetable, or peanut oil for stir-frying. This will yield you the best results.

Storage Tips

To store leftovers, place them in an airtight container and refrigerate. They will remain fresh for 3 to 5 days. When reheating, simply use the microwave to warm them up.

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Watch How To Make It

Japanese style stir fried moyashi bean sprouts topped with green onions being picked up with a pair of chopsticks.

Stir Fry Bean Sprouts

Enjoy the simplicity and flavor of Stir Fry Bean Sprouts, known as moyashi in Japanese cuisine. This quick and healthy side dish is a must-try!
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Asian
Keyword: bean sprout recipe, stir fry bean sprouts
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 4 minutes
Total Time: 6 minutes
Servings: 1
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Calories: 163kcal



  • Gather all the ingredients.
    Ingredients for bean sprout stir fry.
  • Prepare and wash bean sprouts as needed and set aside.
    Washed bean sprouts.
  • Grind garlic with a grinder or a garlic press and set aside.
    Grated garlic.
  • Finely slice green onions and set aside (we sliced them at 45 degree angle for this recipe, but you can slice them however you like).
    Sliced green onions.
  • In a large frying pan or wok, add neutral cooking oil and bring up to heat on high. Once oil is up to tempeture, add bean sprouts (caution for hot oil spattering) and cook for 30 seconds while continuously mixing.
    Bean sprouts in a skillet.
  • After 30 seconds, add garlic, salt, black pepper and Toasted Sesame Seed, mix/stir well until bean sprouts are fully cooked, about 2-4 minutes. Finish with a drizzle of Toasted Sesame Oil and top with green onions.
    Bean sprout stir fry served in a bowl.


Calories: 163kcal | Carbohydrates: 8g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 15g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Sodium: 301mg | Potassium: 155mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 60IU | Vitamin C: 15mg | Calcium: 14mg | Iron: 1mg
*Values Based Per Serving
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  1. 1 Clove Clove I think this should 1 clove garlic since garlic is in the description of the recipe

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