Teppan Sole & Chicken in Mushroom Sauce

When we get together with our in-laws, the choice of restaurants we usually eat at is selected from a small pool of options.  The choices usually are KBB (Korean Barbecue which is super easy for low-carb/keto), steakhouse or Taiwanese teppan (an individual cast-iron plate). 

For this occasion, it was unanimously decided to go eat Taiwanese teppan, which I definitely do not mind since there are plenty of low carb options to choose from and they are all so delicious ?!  So before we even got there, I knew what I wanted – fish and chicken teppan! 

It has been a while since we came to this particular location, so when I saw the menu, I saw a side dish that I knew wasn’t going to fly – a pile of spaghetti with carrots and peas….pictured right smack in the middle.

No problem at all though, I just kindly asked the server to replace the spaghetti with eggs and a side salad.

Easy as that and I converted the dish I wanted to a low-carb/keto option!  So next time you at a restaurant, ask kindly if you could substitute and they will be happy to oblige!  Happy ordering!

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