The 11 Best Healthy Salmon Recipes

Salmon is one of the healthiest and tastiest fish out there!  It’s a great source of protein, healthy omega-3 fats and essential vitamins.  That’s why we put together some of our most popular salmon recipes so you can easily find your favorite and get cooking.

Whether it’s a miso-marinated salmon, a salmon carpaccio or a salmon bacon chowder, there’s a salmon recipe for every taste palate!

These recipes below are our tried and true recipes that will have you eating healthier and have you cooking delicious and unique salmon recipes in no time!

Why is salmon a healthy protein choice?

Salmon is full of protein, healthy omega fats and essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Protein – 5 oz of salmon equals about 30 grams of protein.  Since it’s low in saturated fats and cholesterol, salmon is one of the healthiest sources of protein to consume.
  • Omega 3 – omega 3s are heart-healthy and brain-boosting healthy fats that salmon have a lot of.
  • Potassium – salmon is high in potassium which plays in a vital role in healthy cell function.

What types of salmon are healthiest to eat?

Pacific or Alaska salmon is considered the healthiest type of salmon to consume because it is caught in the wild.

On the other hand, Atlantic salmon is usually farmed, pellet fed, and have been harvested in controlled environments.  It’s still safe to eat, but might not be the healthiest of salmon choices.

Is salmon good for weight loss?

Salmon is high in protein and low in calories making it a great food for weigh-loss.  When on a low carb or keto diet, salmon is the perfect food!

What is the best way to cook salmon?

  • Oven – baked salmon sliced salmon fillets at 425F for 8-10 minutes or until meat easily flakes off.   Note – time will vary depending on thickness.
  • Pan Fry – add cooking oil to fry pan and sear salmon on medium high heat covered for 1-3 minutes per side. Note – time will vary depending on thickness.
  • Raw – make sure to use sashimi grade salmon for any sushi or poke recipes.

What sides go well with salmon?

  • Rice – white rice, brown rice or any other preferred rice
  • Cauliflower Rice – add some lemon juice for a great low carb alternative to traditional white rice.
  • Vegetables – steamed, grilled, baked or boiled or our favorite Miso Mayo Veggies.
  • Salad – a green salad or our favorite Caesar Salad Dressing.

Japanese Style Seared Salmon

Japanese style seared salmon topped with chopped green onion drizzled in a garlic butter soy yuzu sauce.

A pan seared salmon recipe that’s crispy on the outside and flakey and moist on the inside then finished with a Japanese yuzu garlic butter sauce that’s impossible to resist! Cooked to perfection and ready in under 12 minutes! > Take Me to the Recipe

Pan Seared Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce

Pan seared salmon fillet served with grilled asparagus drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

Pan seared salmon and asparagus topped with a rich and buttery hollandaise sauce is such a delicious meal. Simple, healthy and a perfect meal for a breakfast or brunch! If you haven’t had salmon with hollandaise sauce, you are missing out! > Take Me to the Recipe

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

Sugar-free teriyaki salmon served over a bed of cauliflower rice.

Perfectly seasoned pan-fried salmon topped with teriyaki sauce and placed on a bed of cauliflower rice or rice of choice is just the salmon rice bowl you were looking for. This Teriyaki Salmon Bowl recipe is packed full of sweet and savory flavors. A delicious bowl that comes together effortlessly for a healthy, low carb and sugar-free meal. > Take Me to the Recipe

Japanese Miso Salmon

Japanese style miso marinated salmon topped with green onions served over a bed of cauliflower rice.

Irresistible Japanese Miso Salmon recipe made with a delicious miso marinade packed with savory umami flavor. A simple, yet refined, dish that tastes like it came from a restaurant. > Take Me to the Recipe

Japanese Salmon Ochazuke

Japanese homemade salmon ochazuke made from dashi base being scooped up with a wooden spoon.

A warm and comforting ochazuke recipe topped with fresh salmon flakes that makes a perfect Japanese breakfast or late night hangover food! > Take Me to the Recipe

Salmon Poke

Hawaiian inspired salmon poke served on a white plate.

Salmon lovers will not be able to get enough of this delicious salmon poke recipe seasoned with sea salt, soy sauce and toasted sesame oil! It’s a little twist on the traditional ahi tuna poke and well worth the try! > Take Me to the Recipe

Baked Salmon with Parmesan Crust

Baked salmon fillet covered with a parmesan crust served on a wooden plank with slices of lemon.

This tender oven-bake salmon with a cheesy Parmesan crust is going to be your new favorite dinner! Tender and flaky salmon is baked to perfection then topped with lemon pepper and Parmesan to create a savory cheesy crust. > Take Me to the Recipe

Salmon Bacon Chowder

Salmon chowder made in an instapot being scooped out with a golden spoon.

Try a bowl of this hearty and creamy salmon bacon chowder for the win! Made with fresh salmon, chicken, and smokey bacon, this comforting hearty low carb soup is incredibly flavorful and will be a sure hit for these winter months! > Take Me to the Recipe

Salmon Risotto

Salmon risotto made with cauliflower rice served in a bowl.

This super easy to make healthy salmon risotto has all the deliciousness of a traditional risotto without the carbs! Made with cauliflower rice, this cheesy and creamy faux pasta dish will leave you full and satisfied, perfect for any day of the week! > Take Me to the Recipe

Sesame Ginger Salmon Carpaccio

Sashimi salmon topped with slices of ginger and green onion served as a carpaccio style plate.

Fresh and easy salmon carpaccio drizzled with a unique soy sauce sesame yuzu sauce and topped with freshly sliced ginger.  This dish comes together quickly and is a real crowd pleaser.  > Take Me to the Recipe

Japanese Baked Salmon Belly

Slices of baked salmon belly served with a sesame soy sauce based sauce topped with green onions.

Japanese Baked Salmon Belly is packed with flavor and full of healthy, good for you omega fats! This easy recipe will show you how to make the best salmon belly on the planet! > Take Me to the Recipe

Hope you enjoy of these 11 Best Healthy Salmon Recipes!

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