Top 5 Low Carb / Keto Asian Inspired Pork Recipes

Although pork may not be consumed by all cultures of the world due to different beliefs, it is considered to be somewhat of a staple meat in many Asian countries.  Raising cattle in Asian countries is expensive and time-consuming compared to pork or chicken, so pricing is a premium.  For this reason, many of the traditional Asian dishes utilize other meats such as pork.  Without any preparation, pork may carry somewhat of an acquired taste to it.  However, traditional methods have been passed down from generation to generation on how to prepare and bring out pork’s best flavors.  These methods, which we use here at LCA to create our top Asian pork recipes consists of Brine, Ginger and Japanese sake.

Brine is relatively simple and it involves soaking the meat in salt water prior to cooking for about 2-3 hours.  What salt water does is break down the meat allowing it to carry more moisture, resulting in a more tender and juicy meat.  You just have to be careful not to over-brine because it will become too salty and too tender to a point where the meat will start disintegrating.

The purpose of ginger is to eliminate ‘porkiness’ from the meat, similar to gaminess in venison.  Pork does have a natural taste about it, especially cuts like pork belly, so ginger plays a crucial role in neutralizing the taste.

Japanese Sake, much like ginger, is used to eliminate the ‘porkiness’ from the meat.  It also adds a light umami flavor once cooked with the meat.  However, since not everyone may have access to Japanese Sake, you can also use Dry Sherry (or Vodka in some cases) to replace the Japanese Sake.  However, if you do substitute the Japanese Sake, you will lose out on the umami essence.

Top 5 Pork LCA

Here at LCA, we have used these methods to create many dishes that represent the cooking styles found in Japan, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia.  Although the choices were difficult, we rounded out what we felt was our TOP 5 recipes that represent low-carb/keto Asian inspired pork dishes!  We hope you enjoy our selection and make sure to check back soon for other of our TOP 5s!

LCA’s Top 5 Pork Recipe

Top Asian pork recipes - Cream Cheese Skinless Dumplings

Cream Cheese Skinless Dumplings

Net Carbs ~0.5 per piece

Our Cream Cheese Skinless Dumpling is a fusion where East meets West!  It all started with the idea of trying to make a low-carb/keto dumplings that mimicked the juiciness found in Ding Tai Fung’s dumpling.  They mix gelatinous broth into the meat that creates that famous juicy dumpling they are famous for.  Taking that approach, we experimented and ended up using cream cheese in the middle.  The result was a dumpling that retained all the traditional dumplings flavors bursting with juiciness and a perfect touch of creaminess at the end!  This is definitely one of the most popular recipes for us!

Top Asian pork recipes - Vietnamese Inspired Bite Size Egg Rolls

Keto Vietnamese Inspired Bite Size Egg Rolls

Net Carbs ~0.5 per piece

When you think of ‘Asian’ food, egg rolls is probably one of the first dishes that pop into your mind.  So it is no surprise that most Asian cultures have their own variation of eggrolls, but the one that we picked to represent our top 5 though is the Vietnamese version.  Hard to believe, but the traditional version of egg rolls actually contain a massive amount carbs – 1 skin itself is about 12g!   So this recipe takes that number and pretty much converts it into low-carb/keto 0.5g all while maintaining the traditional taste!  A great recipe that is easy on the carbs and is delicious!

Top Asian pork recipes - Japanese Style Hamburger Steak

Japanese Style Hamburger Steak with Asparagus

Net Carbs ~3 per serving

Japanese Hamburger Steak is not quite what you would expect when you hear the term – hamburger steak.  It’s not a classic hamburger or a classic steak, rather a hamburger patty that is served as a course meal.  The patty is full of flavor, juicy, and the sauce is absolutely delicious.  There are actually many variations of hamburger steak, but the one we chose to represent in the Top 5 is the classic demi-glace version.  The other versions are Hamburger Curry, Wafu Hamburger and Menchi Katsu, or Deep Dried Hamburger, all of which we intend to release recipes for in the future!

Top Asian pork recipes - Pork Braised Pork Belly

Braised Pork Belly

Net Carbs ~1 per piece

Pork Belly is another dish that is popular in Asian cuisine.  We actually have a quite a few pork belly recipes here on LCA, which made picking one very hard but the one we chose was the Braised Pork Belly, or Kakuni in Japanese.  This dish is cooked over a 3 hour period, making it deliciously tender while infusing all the juicy goodness from the savory sweet broth.  If you ever dreamed about what a piece of meat candy would taste like, here it is!  Definitely worthy of making it to our Top 5.

Top Asian pork recipes - Tonkatsu Fried Pork Cutlet

Tonkatsu (Fried Pork Cutlet)

Net Carbs ~1 per serving

Last but definitely not least is our Keto Tonkatsu, or Fried Pork Cutlet.  This one is good, actually, so good that everyone that has tried it prefers it to the traditional version.  The meat is tender and juicy, and the low-carb/keto crusting gives it the same amount of texture with more flavor then your typical bread crumbs, and the sauce is just a perfect blend of sweet, salty, sour and complex to pair with the fried pork!  If you never have had Japanese Fried Pork Cutlet before, this recipe is for you!


And with that concludes our TOP 5 Low Carb / Keto Asian Inspired Pork Recipes!!  Hope you found something you like and get them cooking in your kitchen soon!

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