Top 5 Low Carb / Keto Asian Vegetable Recipes

The majority of people would agree that vegetables, especially green vegetables, are beneficial to your diet.  However, ask those same people if they feel like they consume enough vegetables in their diet and you probably will get a very different answer!  When it comes to vegetables, you either love them or you hate them. For those that tend to shy away from vegetables, we can’t really blame them because, let’s face it, most vegetables in their raw form aren’t exactly bursting with flavors.  However, here at LCA we will show you that with the right recipe, any vegetable can be prepared to be absolutely delicious with our Top Asian vegetable recipes!

Top 5 Veggie LCA

So what exactly are the health benefits of green vegetables?  Well to start, they are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibers that your body needs to maintain critical living functions.  In addition to that, green vegetables also help burn fat, reduce risk of diabetes, promote a healthy heart, improve digestive functions and possess anti-aging properties!  Now, who wouldn’t want to be regular and stay forever young!

Whether you are keto, low carb, paleo, high-protein, or none of the above, everyone can benefit from consuming more green vegetables in their diet!  And while you’re at it, might as well make vegetables that taste delicious right?!  To help with that, we went ahead and created a list of LCA’s TOP 5 Asian Inspired Vegetable recipes!  We hope you enjoy our selections and make sure to check back soon for our other TOP 5s!

LCA’s Top 5 Vegetable Recipe

Top Asian vegetable recipes - Japanese Cabbage Salad

Mom’s Japanese Cabbage Salad

Net Carbs ~3 per serving

Cabbage is probably one of the most underrated vegetables for its benefits and characteristics.  This little green ball is packed with vitamin C & K, fibers to help your digestive system and loaded with antioxidants!  As an ingredient in cooking, it possesses a lovely crunchy texture that few vegetables can match.  That’s where Mom’s Japanese Cabbage Salad shines in creating a crunchy salad infused with a sweet zesty and peppery dressing.  This recipe is definitely one of LCA’s favorite salad dishes!

Top Asian vegetable recipes - Keto Seaweed Salad - Hiyashi Wakame

Keto Seaweed Salad

Net Carbs ~1 per serving

When you think of seaweed, you probably won’t associate it with a vegetable but it is a vegetable by the very definition.  Actually, it is considered a super vegetable due to its concentrated nutritional value compared to land vegetables.  It is packed with a range of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, natural iodine and boosts some anti-aging properties.  Best of all, it is easy to prepare and tastes great in LCA’s Keto Seaweed Salad!  This salad brings forward flavors of zesty sweet soy sauce with hints of ginger.  Who says healthy and delicious can’t be all in the same dish!

Top Asian vegetable recipes - Ume Pork Belly

Japanese Cucumber Pork Belly Pickled Plum Salad

Net Carbs ~2 per serving

Ever hear the term odd couple?  Well, here is one and it’s absolutely delicious – cucumber and pork belly!  Cucumbers are packed with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals and offer hidden benefits like soothing skin, hydration, and great texture in recipes!  For this dish, cucumbers offer all of that along with the fatty flavors from the pork belly.  Mix that in with some of the flavors of umeboshi (pickled plums) and ponzu and you have yourself an umami bomb!

Top Asian vegetable recipes - Korean Spinach Salad

Korean Sesame Spinach Salad

Net Carbs ~3 per serving

If you ever have seen Popeye the carton, you know what spinach can do for you!   It does hold truth as spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables around packed with vitamins and minerals and helps boost your immune system.  Combine all those benefits with some simple ingredients and you have yourself a super healthy and delicious traditional Korean Sesame Spinach Salad!  A little salty, a little garlicky and a boatload of healthy!

Top Asian vegetable recipes - Miso Mayo

Miso Mayo Vegetables

Net Carbs ~2.5 per serving

Last but definitely not least is our Miso Mayo Vegetables!  For this recipe, you can use any crispy vegetable you prefer, so greens like green beans, celery, cucumber, would all work, but we usually serve it with broccoli and asparagus.  The vegetable brings the texture for the dish where the dip provides all the flavors you need – a whole lot of creaminess with a touch of spice and umami at the end.  This recipe will take your bland green vegetable and turn it into the center of the dinner party!


And with that concludes our TOP 5 Low Carb / Keto Asian Inspired Vegetable Recipes!! Hope you found something you like and get them cooking in your kitchen soon!

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